Contingency Management: A Useful Therapy For Addiction Treatment

26 June 2020
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There are many ways to address addiction. Some people do really well in 12-step programs. Others find healing through cognitive behavioral therapy. Another type of therapy to consider for addiction is called contingency management. Here is a look at this form of therapy and how it works for patients struggling with addiction. What is contingency management? Contingency management is a sort of reward-based or positive reinforcement therapy. Basically, the focus is on rewarding patients for positive behaviors. Read More 

Spaying Your Pet Is About More Than Population Control

26 August 2019
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All pet owners have heard the argument that spaying or neutering can help reduce the population of unwanted pets. You might think that you are responsible enough to prevent unwanted pregnancy in your pet, so spaying isn't a necessity. Some owners are surprised to learn that spaying can actually have positive health benefits for their beloved pets. Having your dog or cat spayed is not just about population control, it's an important component in a comprehensive healthcare program for your pet. Read More 

How To Protect Yourself Against Swimmer’s Ear

13 April 2016
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With summer just around the corner, you may find yourself diving into the pool more frequently. While swimming is a great way to relax, it can expose your ears to excess moisture, allowing water to collect in your your ear canal and cause infections and other problems. In this article, you will learn about swimmer's ear and the precautions you can take to protect yourself against it.  What is swimmer's ear? Read More 

Questions You Should Ask Yourself To Know If It Is Time For An Assisted Living Center

2 March 2016
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As many people age, they consider going to an assisted living center. The hard thing can be knowing when it is the right time. Many people wait too long to go to a center to get the help that they need and in doing so endanger themselves. This is why it is important to understand the signs that it is time to consider an assisted living center. Here are some simple questions you should be asking yourself regularly. Read More 

Three Sets Of Eye-Related Symptoms And Why You Should Visit Your Optometrist

12 January 2016
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Whether you wear glasses or not, it's a good practice to visit your optometrist at regularly scheduled intervals -- generally, the recommendation is for adults to visit the eye clinic every 12 to 36 months. There are times at which it's necessary to schedule a quick trip to the optometrist because you've encountered something concerning about your eyes. While suddenly experiencing a degree of decreased vision is a justifiable reason to see the optometrist outside of your regular checkups, there are other conditions that can develop that should warrant an appointment right away. Read More