Insights Into Preventing A False Positive On A Drug Test

12 January 2015
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Prior to starting a new job, all you have to do is follow a few mandated requirements. One of those requirements is passing a drug test. Submitting yourself to the test presents no worries because you have never used drugs in your life. You may very well be clean, but 5% to 10% of all drug tests do turn up a false positive. To greatly reduce the chance of an incorrect result, follow a few suggested steps so the drug test reflects an accurate outcome.

Avoid Over-the-Counter Medications

Over-the-counter cold, flu, and sleep aids are most certainly not illegal drugs. This does not mean, however, the medications do not present any potential troubles. These capsules are known to sometimes cause false positives for prescription painkillers as well as illegal opiates and amphetamines.

Anyone suffering from a mere minor malady should cease using these products long in advance of a scheduled drug test. If you do end up getting extremely sick before the drug test, visit an urgent care clinic. This way, you have a record of visiting a doctor prior to a drug test. Your visit may help substantiate any claims that the drug test was inaccurate since you were taking something recommended by a physician.

Flush Out Your System as a Precaution

Flushing out illegal drugs from the body through drinking a lot of water is a very dubious strategy for passing a drug test. Since you have never taken any actual illegal drugs, flushing out your system is solely done to reduce any unwanted metabolites from legal OTC products or from ingredients found in any unfortunate diet choices.

Flushing out the system by drinking about a decent amount of bottled water every day day. Do so for about a week or longer prior to the drug test. These steps might help get rid of anything in your system that could cause a problem.

Additionally, consider fasting the day before the test as certain ingredients in food can also yield an unexpected result. The less you put into your system, the less you have to flush out.

Test Yourself as a Fail Safe

Are there any clinics in your area that offer free drug testing? Take advantage of the offer about three days prior to the official drug test. This way, you can present a clean test result in the rare case the employment mandated test turns up a false positive. 

Of course, if the free test turns up a false positive, you can seek advice from the clinic, one like Victoria Sports Physiotherapy Clinic, about what to do. The advice may prevent a second false improper result.