The Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Symptoms To Be Aware Of

1 September 2015
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There is a nerve in your palm that runs up your wrist and forearm. If there is a lot of pressure placed on this nerve, it can cause numbness, tingling and pain. When this happens, you have a condition called carpal tunnel syndrome. This condition tends to start gradually, then starts to worsen if you don't get adequate treatments. Here are some symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome to pay attention to so you can get treatment for it.

Beginning Stage Symptoms

The first collection of symptoms tend to come on gradually and are less severe. When you first start noticing symptoms, it is often just mild discomfort. This is the beginning stage of carpal tunnel syndrome. You might notice numbness of your hands and wrist when you wake up in the morning, or an uncomfortable numbing of your fingers after grasping a heavy object. Other symptoms include experiencing numbness and tingling among certain fingers or just in the palm of your hand. Experiencing a burning sensation in addition to the numbness and tingling is also common among people suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome. It will be mild in the beginning, often occurring when the nerve gets inflamed.

If you notice these symptoms, it is important to get treatment right away. They may seem mild and nothing more than an occasional nuisance, but they are early warning signs that you need to get treatment for your carpal tunnel syndrome. You might also need to adjust your work area to relive the symptoms.

Advanced Stage Symptoms

The next set of symptoms of carpal tunnel symptom are known as the advanced stage symptoms, or severe symptoms. These occur when you have the condition but don't get proper treatment, or the treatments don't work. If you experience these more severe symptoms, you might need to get surgery on your hand or wrist to release tension of the nerve.

Instead of just feeling mil numbness or tingling, you might have atrophy of your hands. This affects your grip to the point where even grasping on a door handle to open it is difficult, if not impossible. You will have more numbness, frequent cramping, and pain in your hands, fingers, and wrist. You might also have the tingling sensation running up your forearm along with more discomfort. You may also have a hard time telling the difference between hot and cold temperatures due to the numbness, which could cause injury.

Treatments for Carpal Tunnel

If you have symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, your doctor will first recommend basic treatment options. This includes resting the affected hand and avoiding certain activities that make it feel worse. For example, if you find that the pain is the worst while typing at work, you may need to take a little time off. Wearing a splint can also help you to keep the wrist from bending too much. Ice packs also help to reduce swelling and inflammation.

Another option for treatment is getting chiropractic care. This is a good treatment to try before considering surgery. The chiropractor (like Dr. Serge Lanoue) will show you stretching and strengthening exercises that help your wrist and hand feel better. They can also provide soft-tissue manipulation.