Three Sets Of Eye-Related Symptoms And Why You Should Visit Your Optometrist

12 January 2016
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Whether you wear glasses or not, it's a good practice to visit your optometrist at regularly scheduled intervals -- generally, the recommendation is for adults to visit the eye clinic every 12 to 36 months. There are times at which it's necessary to schedule a quick trip to the optometrist because you've encountered something concerning about your eyes. While suddenly experiencing a degree of decreased vision is a justifiable reason to see the optometrist outside of your regular checkups, there are other conditions that can develop that should warrant an appointment right away. Here are three sets of symptoms and what they could mean.

Excess Inflammation

You can experience mildly inflamed or puffy eyes from time to time with no serious consequences, but if you've found that your eyes have chronic inflammation, it's important to call the optometrist's office right away. A high degree of inflammation is often indicative of any number of serious health issues, including autoimmune illnesses such as lupus. In this case, your inflammation is often accompanied by itchiness and wateriness. Another symptom of severe inflammation is excessively dry eyes, which can indicate that you have a problem with your tear ducts. Your optometrist will be able to assess the suspected reason for your inflammation and send you for follow-up tests, as required.

Chronic Headaches

Although headaches can develop because of a long list of reasons, it's important to consider the health of your eyes if you're frequently dealing with headaches and haven't found out what's causing them. People who suffer from headaches can often be experiencing issues with their eyes. While a decrease in your vision quality normally occurs slowly, there are cases in which your vision can rapidly decline, which can often lead to issues such as extreme squinting, which can cause a headache. Your optometrist will check your eyesight and note if there's been a dramatic change. If so, new glasses or a change in your prescription can often relieve your headaches.

Light Sensitivity

Developing a sudden sensitivity to bright lights can be a significant concern, as it's often associated with a problem with the retina of your eye. If you notice that you suddenly have trouble keeping your eye open in bright-light situations, low-light situations seem brighter than usual or you're suddenly seeing flashes of light throughout the day, it's imperative to visit your optometrist right away to ensure the issue is immediately diagnosed before you suffer any major damage. Contact a professional like Dr Harvey Mayers optometrist for more information.