Everything You Need To Know About Renting A Hospital Bed

3 August 2020
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Renting a hospital bed is not an everyday task for many people. The types of beds and the functions that they perform can be confusing. Below is everything you need to know in order to rent a hospital bed for your loved one. 

What is the difference between a semi-electric and a full electric hospital bed?

Hospital beds have electric controls that make moving the patient easier and help keep the patient comfortable. A semi-electric bed has a button or switch to use to raise and lower the foot and the head of the bed. If you need to raise the overall height of the bed, you will need to use a manual crank. A full electric hospital bed has a control panel to do all three actions. 

It should be noted that there are also fully manual hospital beds. Raising the bed, raising or lowering the foot of the bed, and raising or lowering the head of the bed are all done with a manual crank. This type of bed is not widely available any longer because semi-electric and full electric beds are so much easier to use. 

Does a hospital bed rental come with a mattress?

Most hospital bed rentals come with either an innerspring mattress or a foam mattress. You will need to provide your own bed linens. 

Is a hospital bed a twin, a twin XL, or a full?

Unfortunately, hospital beds do not correspond to standard bed sizes. A standard twin is 38" x 75" and a twin XL is 38" x 80". A hospital bed, however, is often 35" x 80". If you need to get sheets for a rented hospital bed, you should probably purchase twin XL sheets as they will offer the best fit. 

What is the difference between a standard and a luxury hospital bed?

Some suppliers offer a choice between a standard and a luxury hospital bed. A standard includes a seven-inch foam mattress, while a luxury hospital bed rental includes an upgraded, ten-inch version. 

What size person does a hospital bed accommodate?

The typical hospital bed will accommodate a patient up to a certain weight. If you need a larger unit, you will need to request a bariatric hospital bed, sometimes called a heavy-duty bariatric bed. Bariatric beds are full electric, can accommodate more weight, and are available in larger widths.

While most bariatric beds are rented because they can accommodate the extra weight, you could rent a bariatric bed if you are interested in the additional width. The extra width will allow a child or other loved one to climb in bed with the patient on occasion. 

What is Trendelenburg positioning and do you need it?

Some hospital beds also offer Trendelenburg positioning and reverse Trendelenburg positioning. This allows the foot of the bed to tilt up, elevating the patients feet above their heart or, conversely, to tilt the head of the bed up, elevating the patient's head. The procedure is used for many different types of medical circumstances. Ask your doctor if you need Trendelenburg positioning before you rent a hospital bed. 

Is hospital bed rental covered by Medicare?

Hospital beds are covered by Medicare if you have a prescription from a doctor stating that the patient needs the bed. You must also have additional documentation proving the need for such an expense. 

Can you get a free hospital bed?

Many hospice programs offer free hospital bed rentals to end-of-life patients that cannot afford to rent a hospital bed. 

Renting a hospital bed can be confusing and stressful. Thinking about how both you and the patient will need to use it can help make the decision easier. 

To learn more, contact a hospital bed rental company.