What To Expect During Level 3 First Aid Training

12 January 2021
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Level 3 first aid is the most advanced form of first aid. It is also officially called Provide Advanced First Aid and includes everything from levels one and two, as well as additional training. However, you do not need to have prior level one or two certifications to be begin training for level 3 first aid. You can simply start with level 3 training.

Sometimes learning first aid is required through your job, but even if it is not necessary for employment, level 3 first aid training is an invaluable tool to have. The knowledge taught in level 3 first aid can be useful in many emergencies.

What You Will Learn

Level three will teach you everything that is also taught in levels one and two. Level one is the most basic level where you are taught CPR, how to control bleeding, bandage wounds, and properly splint breaks. Level two covers the identification and treatment of crush injuries, chest injuries, pelvic and abdominal injuries, eye injuries, heart disease, diabetic emergencies, seizures, poisoning, and bites.

In level 3 first aid, you will learn anatomy and physiology. This will help to diagnose and treat injuries correctly. You will learn how to assess and triage (assign degrees of urgency to wounds or illnesses to decide the order of treatment of a large number of people) patients. 

Along with what is listed above, you will be taught how to identify and use first aid equipment and assessment tools and keep accurate records. You'll learn how to administer adrenaline for treating anaphylaxis (allergic reactions), proper Automated External Defibrillator (AED) use, and how to use a bag valve mask to help someone breathe. You will be trained in how to immobilize spinal and head injuries, deal with behavioral problems and aid with emergency childbirth.

How the Course Works

Level 3 first aid training will take place over two to five days. After spoken lectures and practical teachings, you will be put through realistic simulations. Disaster scenarios will be set up with actors and props where you will need to show the proper actions for various emergencies.


Certification for level 3 first aid will include both written and hands-on exams. The certification is valid for 3 years. After that, you will need to take a short refresher class to recertify.

No matter what your profession, taking a first aid course is incredibly valuable. Training and certification for level 3 first aid will allow you to administer life-saving treatment to people in need while waiting for emergency personnel to arrive. Look up first aid courses near you to find out when you can become first aid certified.