How Level 3 First Aid Training Helps Arcades

14 March 2022
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Running an arcade can be a fun experience but may also be problematic in some situations. For example, injuries caused by more serious concerns could require extensive first aid to manage. Thankfully, Level 3 first aid training can help arcade owners better help their patrons.

Why Level 3 First Aid is a Good Choice

While Level 3 first aid is beneficial for a broad range of professionals, including Emergency Response teams and First Responders, it might not be a bad idea for a variety of companies to get this training, too. That's because Level 3 first aid can provide more advanced training that goes beyond standard medium-level courses. These benefits are huge for companies with a lot of young customers, like arcades.

For example, teaching arcade team operators about Level 3 first aid helps prepare them for things like emergency childbirth and water-related emergency dangers. So if an arcade patron's pregnant mother falls into labor unexpectedly while watching her child at an arcade, the team leader can provide some help for her while they wait for the First Response team to show up to the location.

In some situations, this type of first aid may make the difference between life and death. While arcades are not generally dangerous places, medical emergencies may occur that require Level 3 first aid. Just a few potentially problematic situations that arcade owners may experience include:

  • Fights: People playing video games may get into serious arguments that could lead to physical altercations. There may even be violence, such as knives or even broken bottles if the arcade also has beer or other glass-bottle drinks on their premises.
  • Seizures: Though rare, the blinking lights in an arcade may trigger seizures in those who don't realize they have a condition. Level 3 first aid treatment can help arcade owners better handle this problem and give their managers more help in problematic situations.
  • Collapses: When people drink too much at an arcade and collapse, they may hit their head or experience other potential injuries. Level 3 first aid helps prepare facilities for these problems and makes it easier to manage them with ease and simplicity.

Arcade owners can probably just train their team leaders and managers to handle Level 3 first aid and keep at least one trained staff on the premises at all times. Doing so can help to cut down on their training costs and also make their facility safer and more secure for their patrons.

Keep these tips in mind when looking for Level 3 first aid services near you.