Six Ways Your Ultrasound Will Reduce Your Stress Levels

27 January 2023
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Being pregnant is exciting, but it can be stressful at the same time. Fortunately, having ultrasounds done when your doctor recommends them can help to reduce the stress of being pregnant.

The following are six ways your ultrasound will reduce your stress levels as you go through pregnancy. 

Your ultrasound can confirm without a doubt that you are pregnant.

While the absence of your period is a good sign that you're pregnant, there are some situations when a woman's period stops even though she is not pregnant. After you've had an ultrasound done, you and your doctor will know for sure that you are pregnant. 

Your ultrasound can allow you to know the sex of your baby.

Knowing the sex of your baby is helpful when you're buying clothing and other baby supplies. During your ultrasound, your doctor should be able to tell you what the sex of your baby is so that you know as much as possible about what to expect. 

Your ultrasound can allow you to know whether you're pregnant with multiples.

It's always helpful to know in advance if you're having multiples such as twins or triplets. The presence of multiple babies should become apparent during your ultrasound.

Knowing that you're having multiples prevents a lot of stress during labor and in the days afterward because you won't be surprised about having to deliver and care for multiple babies rather than just one. 

Your ultrasound can help ensure that your baby is developing normally.

Probably one of the most important things an ultrasound can do to prevent stress is ensure that your baby is healthy. During an ultrasound, your doctor will make sure that your baby isn't exhibiting signs of any birth defects or delays in development. 

Your ultrasound can help to predict your due date.

It's stressful to not be certain when you're going to go into labor. It can be difficult for some women to predict exactly when they became pregnant. This is especially true for women with irregular periods.

An ultrasound can allow your doctor to determine the gestational age of your baby so that it is easier to accurately predict your due date. 

Your ultrasound can let your doctor know how your baby is positioned in your uterus.

The positioning of your baby in your uterus has a big impact on how labor and delivery will proceed. If your baby is presenting in the breech delivery position, it's best if your doctor knows this beforehand and can plan accordingly for a smoother delivery. 

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