Benefits Of Disposable Medical Shoe Covers

8 June 2023
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Although simple in design, medical shoe covers play an important role in reducing the transfer of bacteria between peoples' feet and specific areas of a healthcare facility. You can purchase all sorts of this product at any medical equipment supply store, ensuring that anyone who works in your facility and requires shoe covers has easy access to them. When you look at these products, you'll see that some are disposable and others are reusable. The latter might seem somewhat appealing for environmental reasons, but here are some benefits of choosing disposable shoe covers.

Less Contamination Risk

Disposable shoe covers present fewer contamination risks than their reusable counterparts. When you wish to remove a disposable pair, you simply peel them off and place them directly into a trash bin. The risk of contamination traveling from the shoe covers to anywhere else in this scenario is very small. With reusable shoe covers, the wearer will need to take them off and send them to the facility's laundry room. At various times in this process, it's possible for the contaminated covers to come into contact with different objects in different areas, causing a spread of bacteria.

Time Saved

The process of thoroughly washing reusable medical shoe covers takes time. Your healthcare facility's laundry room staff likely already has a lot of work to do each day. When you add washing one or more loads of reusable shoe covers to their duties, you might be concerned about their ability to complete all of their tasks in a timely manner. It can also take time for the staff members who wear reusable shoe covers to remove them and place them in a special bin to eventually take to the laundry area.

Easy Use

A lot of disposable shoe covers come in boxes that you load into a dispenser. Your staff can then position their foot at the base of the dispenser and slide a shoe cover over their shoe. This easy, fast usage is better than reusable products. You wouldn't be likely to load reusable shoe covers into a dispenser after washing them, which means that your staff members would need to put them on by hand. A large majority of staff members would appreciate the easy process of slipping a disposable cover onto their shoe with a dispenser. To shop for disposable shoe covers in various sizes and designs, visit a medical equipment supplier near you.