Treating Mental Illness Via A Psychology Centre

30 November 2022
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Do what seem like the simplest comments from your loved ones make you start crying and want to isolate yourself? If you have noticed a drastic change in your emotions and do not know why you feel the way you do, there might be an underlying mental health problem to be concerned about. If you want to get your emotions under control because you are getting worse, it is time to talk to a psychologist about what you are going through. Read More 

How Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy Can Help You

28 September 2022
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You may have never heard of pelvic floor physiotherapy, but this type of treatment can provide relief from a number of different issues. From incontinence to pain during sex, pelvic floor therapy can help improve your quality of life. Here's everything you need to know about this type of therapy. What Is Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy? Pelvic floor physiotherapy is a type of physical therapy that focuses on the muscles and tissues in the pelvis. Read More 

4 Signs You Should Consider Sports Physiotherapy

13 June 2022
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For people involved in sports, physiotherapy may offer a way to achieve better recovery or even improve their overall athleticism. If you're facing one of these four problems, you might want to consider sports physiotherapy. Range of Motion Issues Especially after an injury, your body can suffer. Scar tissue can collect around muscles or joints, creating tension or friction that wasn't previously there. Similarly, damaged tissue may not fully recover. Even healthy tissue may atrophy due to a reduction in athletic activities. Read More 

How Level 3 First Aid Training Helps Arcades

14 March 2022
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Running an arcade can be a fun experience but may also be problematic in some situations. For example, injuries caused by more serious concerns could require extensive first aid to manage. Thankfully, Level 3 first aid training can help arcade owners better help their patrons. Why Level 3 First Aid is a Good Choice While Level 3 first aid is beneficial for a broad range of professionals, including Emergency Response teams and First Responders, it might not be a bad idea for a variety of companies to get this training, too. Read More 

Who Can Benefit From Using a Clinical Research Platform?

7 January 2022
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You might have heard of clinical research, such as if you are involved in the medical industry or if you've been looking into treatment options for a disease or disorder, but you might not know that there are many clinical research platforms that can be very useful. These platforms are designed to bring people and companies that have an interest in clinical research together. These are some examples of people and companies that can benefit from using a clinical research platform. Read More