Everything You Need To Know About Renting A Hospital Bed

3 August 2020
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Renting a hospital bed is not an everyday task for many people. The types of beds and the functions that they perform can be confusing. Below is everything you need to know in order to rent a hospital bed for your loved one.  What is the difference between a semi-electric and a full electric hospital bed? Hospital beds have electric controls that make moving the patient easier and help keep the patient comfortable. Read More 

Recovering Successfully From Shoulder Surgery

5 November 2015
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It only takes a moment to injure critical tendons in your shoulder, but it will take months to get your shoulder to return to normal functionality. Once your orthopedic surgeon has repaired the torn rotator cuff, you'll begin a long journey with the physical therapist to recover completely. Here is what to expect as you leave the hospital and during the next few months of recovery at home. Your Last Day in the Hospital Read More 

Popular Hearing Aid Styles And Their Qualities

12 August 2015
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Hearing aids are an important part of modern society, yet you may not know about the options that exist. Hearing aids work via small microphone and a computer chip which converts the sound into code. Then, based on the noises in your surroundings, the code is converted into sound waves and pulsed into your ear. Though the basics of hearing aids are the same, there are a number of types you can choose from. Read More 

Do You Smoke? 5 Ways It Could Be Harming Your Vision

1 April 2015
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If you've been thinking about a smoking cessation program, you might be interested in what smoking may be doing to your eyes. You probably know that smoking causes numerous health issues, such as lung cancer and emphysema. However, smoking also causes vision problems. Here are just a few of eye diseases that smoking can cause. Cataracts Cataracts are an age-related eye disease. However, there are certain lifestyle choices that can cause some types of cataracts. Read More 

3 Simple Ways To Improve The Health Of Your Eyes

12 January 2015
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You exercise every muscle in your body to ensure they stay healthy; however, do you ever think to exercise your eyes? Your eyes are muscles too, so it is crucial that you support them and take the necessary steps in order to keep them healthy and help keep your eyesight from gradually deteriorating over time. Simple steps, such as daily eye exercises and changing your diet to incorporate more eye-healthy foods are just a few of the simple ways you can help improve the overall function of these muscles. Read More